XA Podcast 012 | The Roxy Dynamic: Building Great Co-Founder Relationships with Ronald Ros and Rexy Dorado, Co-Founders, Kumu


JUNE 6, 2022

We host Roland Ros and Rexy Dorado, the founders of Kumu, the largest live streaming community app for Filipinos around the world. Since their launch in 2018, Kumu has passed over 10 million registered users across 55 countries. They recently closed their Series C round, bringing Kumu’s total funding to over US$ 100 million.

Before you have funding, or product-market fit, or a business even, you have your co-founders. And it has been said that the co-founder relationship is almost like a marriage. It can be a magical partnership, where you see each other through thick and thin. Or it could be a match made in hell, ending with your startup imploding. How does one create a co-founder dynamic that’s built to last?