Types of Companies we look for


Technology or technology enabled

Solving Southeast Asian challenges

Has a full-time management team

Has a large total addressable market

Investment Process

(~3-5 weeks)


The Startup Review Committee (SRC) will review the pitch deck to determine if it is a fit for the XA Network

Review Committee Assessment

Two to three SRC members meet the founder(s) in separate one hour meetings. The meetings cover the same content and are conducted separately to ensure that the committee obtains an unbiased understanding of the business

Founder Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Members will meet the startup via video conference or in-person. The list of members invited can be ring fenced if there are sensitivities around speaking to individuals from direct competitors

Commitments and Lead Identification

The members will indicate their commitments and identify a lead who will be the main point of contact between the founder(s) and XA moving forward

Finalization of Member Interest

The lead will negotiate and finalize the terms with the founder and obtain the necessary documentation and wiring details. If needed, the lead may coordinate follow-up diligence (e.g., follow-up questions, background checks, etc.) on behalf of the other members


The lead ensures that all XA members investing have signed the terms and wired the funds

Welcome to the XA Network community! All founders who are funded by XA members enjoy access to the entire XA Network community. They will liaise with their XA lead to set up those conversations.