Operating System


Like a computer’s operating system, a well-developed set of values gives us the ability to make faster and more effective decisions and ensures alignment when interacting internally as well as with the broader ecosystem. Therefore, we have laid out the following operating principles that govern how all XA members show up across the ecosystem.

We are a fully virtual and distributed community

We are community-minded and have no individual ego

We always put the interest of founders first

We believe that the founders’ time is precious currency

We back founders solving local challenges while driving inclusive innovation

We back founders who communicate with clarity

We don’t do “deals”; instead we partner holistically with founders

We do away with unnecessary processes and empower all members to make “two-way door decisions”

We operate with the highest integrity, are transparent on conflicts of interest, and aim to resolve them swiftly when they arise

We are respectfully candid with founders even when it is not in our interest to do so

Yours Sincerely,
The XA Network Community